How Icynene Can Help You Create a NetZero Home

April 13, 2017


How Icynene Can Help You Create a NetZero Home

You may have heard the term “NetZero home” as you search for ways to reduce your home’s environmental footprint and increase energy efficiency. However, did you know that using Icynene spray foam insulation as your home’s primary insulation can be a step toward creating a NetZero home?

There are many steps necessary, of course, before your home may fit into the NetZero category, but replacing your home’s traditional insulation with Icynene sprayed insulation is a great place to start. The main reason for this is because, unlike traditional insulation materials, Icynene foam expands to 100 times its original size when applied. This allows it to create a highly effective air barrier on any part of your home where it has been installed. That air seal, in turn, can help to reduce the possibility of air leakage which might have caused your HVAC unit to work overtime, to make up for all that conditioned air your home has lost. 

All of this means that you are working towards  a more energy efficient home, which is indeed the first step toward NetZero energy consumption.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area if you’re wondering where to buy spray foam insulation or thinking about having spray foam insulation installed, and to find out more about how spray foam insulation can play a role in helping get to a NetZero home.

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