When to Choose a Licensed Spray Foam Insulation Contractor For Your Renovation

March 21, 2017 adamb@evidently.com


Not all spray foam installers have the same extensive training, knowledge or support to install spray foam. If you’re in the midst of a renovation on your home, it can be tempting to use the same contractor who is building your addition or renovating your basement. The truth is, however, they may not have the knowledge that is needed to safely and effectively install insulating foam in your home.

You may be wondering how you can find a contractor that does have enough comprehensive knowledge to apply spray foam insulation, and the answer is simple. Choosing an Icynene spray foam insulation contractor will help to ensure that you’re hiring a professional who has been trained extensively on the safe and effective application of spray foam insulation. All Icynene contractors must participate in a training program, in order to use Icynene foam insulation products. This enables them to be able to handle a myriad of scenarios that a traditional contractor might not have the answers for.

The best part about choosing Icynene is that the Icynene website has a search tool that allows you to search for licensed contractors by zip code. There’s no need to rely on the recommendations of friends, or for an online search.

Find a licensed Icynene spray foam contractor near your city, to discover more reasons to choose Icynene.


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