How one family avoided a spray foam nightmare by choosing a licensed contractor

August 4, 2016 Icynene Blog

Ensure you choose a licensed contractor to avoid a spray foam nightmareSpray foam insulation has grown rapidly over the past few years to become the preferred insulation choice for many homeowners who are seeking to maintain optimal comfort all year round while reducing air loss as well as their monthly heating and cooling expenses. While spray foam insulation R-value is important to consider, there are other factors to consider for a safe and proper installation and avoid a spray foam nightmare.

Consumer demand has driven the growth of the industry but, unfortunately, has also seen an increase in unqualified spray foam contractors who can leave homeowners dealing with spray foam nightmares.

The spray foam industry association, the Spray Foam Coalition has spoken about the importance of working with a qualified professional contractor(link is external), emphasizing that spray foam is not a DIY product. The Spray Foam Coalition recommends that homeowners ask their spray foam contractors about their experience, training, insurance and licenses.

That’s exactly what the Drehmer family did when they chose to have their 1970s lakeside home renovated. The home sits on Lake Erie and bears the brunt of high winds and lake-effect weather throughout the year. In doing their research, the Drehmer family made sure they asked questions and had their licensed spray foam contractor walk them through the entire process. Not only does the spray foam insulation R-value in their home meet local building codes, it also provides them thermal insulating value while spray foam's air barrier helps to limit air loss.

The Drehmers share their experience in renovating a home from top to bottom as well as why it was important to them to work with a licensed spray foam contractor for a safe, and proper installation.

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