Is There One Best Spray Foam Insulation?

August 28, 2017

Is There One Best Spray Foam Insulation?

Whether you’re researching spray foam insulation for the first time for a potential project, or trying to get more up-to-date information about it for a renovation, it can be difficult to determine whether there really is one best spray foam insulation product out there. You will likely get a different answer from every source you pose this question to.

Here are several things to consider, when searching for the best spray foam insulation:

  1. Does the company and contractor require licensing to install their product? Icynene spray foam insulation will only allow its products to be handled and installed by contractors who have been through their extensive training and licensing program. This ensures you will be hiring a contractor who knows how to handle both the product and the complex machinery used to apply the spray foam.
  2. Is the product guaranteed for any length of time? This guarantee is key to feeling confident in your spray foam insulation choice. Icynene spray foam insulation is guaranteed for the lifetime of the house, so you can rest assured that the product won’t degrade and underperform, over the long-term.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more reasons why Icynene is the best spray foam insulation for your home, or your project.

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