Licensed Spray Foam Applicators Are The Best Choice For Your Home

September 11, 2017

Have you ever looked at a home renovation project and thought to yourself, “I could hire a local contractor under the table to do that, and save thousands of dollars?” Sometimes a project can appear far simpler and more straightforward than it really is, and a homeowner looking to save money gives their reno to a contractor who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. What seems like something easy can quickly become a problem too big to handle, and that’s when the trouble starts. Spray foam applicators are the perfect example.

Is Cheaper Really Better?

It can be tempting to want to cut corners wherever you can, when a build or renovation starts to add up and costs seem to spiral out of control. Think about the true cost of cheap labor or cheap goods, though: how much sooner will the products break down? Are they guaranteed, or is the installation or renovation backed up by the contractor’s word? These are all important factors to consider, when calculating the true cost of something.

A Good ROI

You hear a lot about return on investment, when it comes to home ownership. Is what you’re putting into your home going to improve its worth? Will it pay off, in the long term? With spray foam insulation, it’s important to hire a licensed spray foam applicator, like the contractors who install Icynene spray foam insulation, to ensure you can achieve a ROI.

Unlike a home contractor who might be installing any random spray foam insulation, licensed Icynene contractors have taken part in an extensive training program. In order to be able to use Icynene’s products, they must be licensed by Icynene, ensuring their knowledge of the installation and application process is comprehensive. Should anything go wrong during the installation, the knowledge and support that an Icynene contractor has access to can help to avoid a spray foam insulation nightmare, like you may have heard about on TV.

In addition, Icynene products are guaranteed for the lifetime of the home they are installed in, so you can be sure that both the company and the contractors stand behind the quality of their work. So, if and when you decide to sell your home, the investment you made in hiring a licensed spray foam applicator will pay off in the market value of your home.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more reasons why Icynene is the ideal choice for your home, or your project.

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