Opteon™ 1100 from Chemours awarded 2017 Polyurethane Innovation Award

October 5, 2017 Anthony Naimo

The following announcement was made on October 4th 2017 by Chemours Company. The Opteon™ 1100 blowing agent is featured in Icynene's HFO spray foam that was recently used in the BoxPark project in London's Croydon neighborhood. 


The Chemours Company (Chemours) , a global chemistry company with leading market positions in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, was announced as the winner of the Polyurethane Innovation Award at the 2017 Polyurethanes Technical Conference for its Opteon™ 1100 foam blowing agent.  This award highlights the role that innovation plays in the polyurethane industry and today recognized Chemours for its vision and perseverance to bring Opteon™ 1100 to the marketplace. 

In response to growing needs for high performance products with reduced environmental impact, Chemours has commercialized a new blowing agent, Opteon™ 1100, based on hydrofluoroolefin chemistry. Opteon™ 1100 offers an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) 400 times lower than existing HFCs combined with up to 10% better initial and aged K-Factors. It provides an excellent match of physical properties and performance characteristics offering a sustainable solution to meet changing regulatory requirements with enhanced performance to replace HCFCs, HFCs, and hydrocarbons. 

Diego Boeri, vice president Chemours Fluorochemicals shares, "We are honored to receive the 2017 CPI Innovation Award.  This award is in recognition of Chemours' leadership in developing a low GWP foam blowing agent.  We believe that Opteon™ 1100 represents a clear long-term sustainable solution for the polyurethane industry." 

Additionally, the Chemours team also won the 2017 Best Paper Award and 2017 Best Poster Award.

The Opteon™ portfolio of refrigerants from Chemours represents a breakthrough line of low GWP solutions that offer the optimal balance of properties for performance, safety, cost and environmental sustainability. They were developed to help meet increasing global HFC regulations while maintaining or improving performance compared to incumbent products. Chemours has invested millions of dollars to bring these new products to market and will continue to invest in new products and additional capacity as the need for low GWP solutions grows throughout the world.

BoxPark Croydon - London, England

Check out how this high performance spray foam insulation blowing agent was used in the amazing Boxpark project in London's Croydon neighborhood. 


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