Ultra cohesive spray foamed insulation innovations - understanding the value

April 3, 2018 Anthony Naimo

Ultra cohesive open cell spray foam insulation from Icynene

Earlier this year, Icynene unveiled its latest spray foamed insulation product innovations. Icynene Classic Ultra and Icynene Classic Ultra Select offer incredible cohesion.  Plus, in a first for Icynene, both new open-cell products go beyond the expectations of spray foam contractors by eliminating the requirement of paddle mixing by hand prior to application with the introduction of an expanding blade mixer–the Icynene Draw Mixer. Both new products offer significantly better cohesion than existing Icynene open-cell spray foam insulation products – namely Icynene Classic Max and Icynene Classic Max Select. 

Discover the performance attributes of these two new products in the infographic below.


Introducing ultra cohesive spray foam insulation innovation from Icynene

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Introducing Icynene's ultra cohesive foam innovation!
Introducing Icynene's ultra cohesive foam innovation!

Icynene Classic Ultra and Icynene Classic Ultra Select foamed insulation products offer significantly bette...

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