How Winterizing Your Home Can Help You Adapt to Climate Change

December 27, 2017

How Winterizing Your Home Can Help You Adapt to Climate Change

An increasing number of homeowners are beginning to understand that climate change doesn’t only mean the earth will be getting warmer. There’s no question that greenhouse gases are impacting the earth’s overall temperature, however the weather-related and environmental events that everyone is beginning to see taking place more frequently are extreme in every way. This is why winterizing your home by replacing existing insulation with spray foam insulation like Icynene is of benefit in more ways than one.

The Reality of Climate Change

Although scientists and the media have been talking about climate change and global warming for years, there’s a good dose of misinterpretation and misinformation out there which can make the topic confusing for the average person. Here are some important issues to understand, regarding climate change:

  1. The gradual increase of the earth’s mean (average) temperature does not mean that winter will cease to exist. In fact, it may lead to wider extremes in temperate, whether hot or cold.
  2. A warmer atmosphere results in more moisture in the air, which can lead to more frequent and intense storms. This has been obvious during the 2017 hurricane season, during which three Category 4 storms formed within a 6-week period.
  3. During the winter, that moisture can lead to heavier snowfall, and if the temperature hovers near freezing, the risk of ice storms or flooding can increase greatly.
  4. Reducing greenhouse gases is an important way that we can slow climate change down, if not eliminating it completely. Improving the energy efficiency of homes, home appliances, cars, and manufacturing, can help in this manner
  5. Reducing our waste, instead of continuing to produce and purchase products that break down or wear out too quickly, can also slow the creep of climate change, by slowing down production of products that contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

There are clearly many more issues that can be discussed regarding climate change. These particular issues, however, can be addressed in an attainable manner, so that making the changes needed doesn’t become an overwhelming process.

Adapting Your Home to New Environmental Challenges

Making one step in the right direction, by winterizing your home with Icynene spray foam insulation, can actually address many of the issues mentioned. Because Icynene creates an effective air seal wherever it is applied, you can help to improve your home’s comfort while also lowering your monthly heating and cooling bills. In addition, because closed-cell spray foam, like that available from Icynene, is approved by FEMA as a flood-resistant material, your home may be able to better weather any storms that can cause flooding. In addition, the fact that Icynene is guaranteed for the lifetime of your home, you can feel comfortable knowing that your insulation won’t need to be replaced, as long as the house is standing.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more reasons why Icynene is the ideal choice for your energy efficient home, or any other project.

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