Preparing For Your Spray Foam Installation

May 23, 2017

It can feel like a monumental decision, but choosing a professional spray foam installation, instead of trying to do it yourself, is the best and safest choice for your family. Not only that, but choosing Icynene spray foam insulation over a DIY kit that even you could buy online, will ensure that you are in good hands.

An important reason to go with a spray foam insulation company like Icynene is because not just anyone can buy and install their products. In fact, in order to use Icynene products, a contractor must go through a comprehensive training and certification program. This program thoroughly educates contractors on all types of information, equipment, and scenarios related to spray foam installation. In this way, a licensed Icynene contractor will be prepared for virtually any circumstance when they arrive to install your insulation.

Here are some questions you can ask your Icynene contractor, to better prepare yourself for the installation:

  • What is your clean-up protocol, after you finish the installation?
  • Would you please walk me through each stage of this installation?
  • What sort of ventilation will be protecting my home, during the installation?
  • What safety precautions do you take?

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out why Icynene spray foam is best for your home, or your project.

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