Where are the best places to insulate in your home?

September 13, 2017 Anthony Naimo

Having a properly insulated home can contribute towards lower heating and cooling bills. But where are the best areas to insulate to achieve this goal? Without insulation in key areas of the home, conditioned air can escape continuously, costing you financially. It may sound obvious, but some of the best places to insulate in your home are the roof, walls, windows/doors, drafty areas, and the floors. Why are these areas the best places to insulate in your home? The answer is simple. Almost all of the air lost from your home comes from those problem areas. By properly insulating these spaces, lower monthly heating and cooling bills can be within reach.

Website shrinkyourfootprint.com has put numerical values on the amount of heat lost per average house based on information from the Department of Energy. Starting at the top of your house, the roof makes up 25%, in the middle is the walls at 35%, windows 15%, draft spots are 15% and at the bottom the floor makes-up for 10% of all the heat lost from the average home. This is not to say that 100% of conditioned air in your house is escaping, but of the air that does escape, this is where it is escaping from. So when thinking of the best places to insulate your home, starting with these spaces would help lower the amount of air loss as well as help lower your heating and cooling bills. Energy loss and high monthly bills are a problem for many homeowners, and spray foam insulation can help play a vital role. Icynene spray foam insulation insulates as well as air seals to help limit air loss. Wherever it is applied, Icynene spray foam expands to seal the cracks and crevices that lead to air loss.  

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area to find out more about the best places to insulate your home and limit air loss. 

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